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"We could never have loved the earth so well if we'd had no childhood in it" 
~ George Elliot

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Founded by Amanda McFadyen, and inspired by the original BlissKid (her daughter Zoey) BlissKids is a sweet, petite wellness company that has served York Region since 2006, offering a multitude of yoga and music services for families, preschools, schools, community programs, yoga studios, and more.  After training with Marsha Wenig in 2006, kids yoga pioneer and creator of YogaKids, Amanda partnered with Rainbow Yoga, a world renowned Community Yoga training company based in Australia, becoming Rainbow Yoga’s Senior Trainer for Kids and Family Yoga trainings in North America in 2010.  In 2012 Amanda co-created the Rainbow Kids Mentorship Program with Gopala Yaffe, Rainbow Yoga founder.  

The years that followed were crazy-busy-fun, locally and globally, highlighted by BlissKids creative yoga camp, the evolution of Amanda's signature Yosic program, and full Rainbow trainings throughout North America.  

Today, Amanda meanders through life with her husband and 4 children, practicing the deep and humbling yoga that is family life.  They live nestled in an incredible community of families who are together reimagining birth, parenting, education, nourishment, economics, politics, healing, aging and death, among other things.  Deeply inspired by Waldorf, Amanda is a student of Anthroposophy and an aspiring Waldorf teacher.  In their Waldorf-inspired homeschool hybrid, Amanda and her children are part of  various alternative learning communities, glad to be sharing, and supported by, the beautiful Waldorf philosophies and practices.

In these tender times on Earth, the tools gleaned from Yoga and Anthroposophy / Waldorf are especially practical and potent. Amanda is honoured to continue sharing Rainbow Yoga trainings in and around Toronto.   She also leads Singing Circles, Waldorf-inspired Parent / Child programs, and Community Yoga Playshops.


Glimpse the Magic . . .


Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga / Music / Yosic  Services

Local services offered by Amanda McFadyen.

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Kids & Family Yoga Teacher Trainings with Rainbow Yoga!

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Friends & Partners


Sharing the most-loved Children's, Family, Community and Partner Yoga trainings online and all over the world!  Founded and directed by Amanda's revered teachers, Gopala and Angel Yaffe.

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Yoga and Music for Little Ones serving the Vaughn area, with Rainbow Yoga graduate Alyse Nahmias.

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York Region business founded by Rainbow Yoga graduates Jessica Monkolm and Vanessa Miniaci, focused on"Normalizing yoga and mindfulness in schools".

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A local yoga company, looking to spread calm and unity throughout our community!  Lead by Rainbow Yoga graduate Sarah Mercer.

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